We provide extensive educational evaluations, academic therapy, speech and language evaluations, and techniques and strategies for people of all ages with learning disabilities like dyslexia, language learning deficits, and dysgraphia.


Our Center for the Deaf specializes in auditory-verbal therapy, aural rehabilitation, cochlear implant/hearing aid services, and support for infants to adults with hearing impairments, as well as their families.


Our services are also offered in the New Orleans area.

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What our clients say about us:

Caitlin Callais

“Mrs. Susan has dedicated a lot of time over the past 14 years helping me succeed in the classroom and as a professional Speech-Language Pathologist. Being dyslexic has made school extra challenging; however, without Mrs. Susan’s services, I would have lacked the skills that helped me earn a 4.0 GPA in college and in graduate school. The best thing my parents did for my academic career was start services with Mrs. Susan at a young age to help me build a strong foundation as classes and material became increasingly more difficult. I cannot thank Mrs. Susan enough for providing me with the tools and strategies to become successful and confident in the classroom. I highly recommend parents to seek out services with Mrs. Susan as it will have a positive impact on both you and your child!”

Heidi Domangue

“Susan had superpowers when it came to connecting with my child who does not like school and struggles with staying focused and on task. She helped him stay engaged and got him excited about what he was learning. Susan is the best!”

Donna Hejtmanek

Independent Coach/Consultant Harshaw, WI

“Susan Niette, of Best Practice Associates, is an experienced trainer and educator.  Susan brings her expertise as a Speech and Language pathologist, LANGUAGE! trainer, and director of sales and educational training to her consulting. She customized our training to our needs delivering outstanding day long sessions that kept the staff engaged and enthusiastic. Susan trained the staff in the components of structured literacy and the science of reading and guided them in applying it to their daily practice. Susan’s gentle approach and demeanor was well received and appreciated. I would highly recommend Susan Niette for your educational training needs.   Susan helped us to know better so we could do better.”