What is Auditory-Verbal Therapy?

Auditory-Verbal Therapy is an early-intervention method centered on aiding the deaf in developing spoken language through listening. It centers on the utilization of speech and language patterns following standard language progression as a child develops. Regular assessments are used to track a patient’s progress and ensure their listening and spoken language are developing at the intended pace. We develop an individualized treatment plan for each client, along with providing parents/guardians with the necessary tools and methods to facilitate their children’s development of listening and spoken language.


What is Listening Therapy?

The purpose of listening therapy is to help clients to relearn the auditory world after a change in hearing. It is geared toward people who are postlingually deafened, who are newly aided with hearing aids, who have moved to a cochlear implant, or who seek to understand their audiogram/audiological tests to ensure success with their new way of hearing. Listening therapy helps people to relearn basic speech and language through activities that work on individual sounds, sound combinations, words, phrases, sentences, connected speech, and conversational speech. For those with hearing aids and cochlear implants, it helps to maximize the use of their device. Our methods also work toward helping patients to enhance their ability to listen to environmental sounds and the TV, phone, and other devices without having to lip read or use closed captioning.


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